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Become a Professional and Confident Tarot Card Reader 
Tarot readings have spiritually guided people for centuries. It is an enlightened way for a person to get a better understanding or gain more clarity on a particular situation in their life. For those wanting to learn the tarot for themselves or to help guide others, it will also help increase one's concentration and greatly increase your spirituality. Learning to read the Tarot can not only be exciting and fun but also a way to tap into your own intuition. As you gain a greater insight into your cards of choice, you will find that you begin to feel them and not just understand them. Your intuition will grow and allow you to empathize with others on a deeper level as you read their cards.
Whether you are wanting to learn because you are curious or you want to help guide others or yourself, this course has been designed to help you achieve a greater understanding and insight into the Tarot Card.

* Tarot Cards Reading is an incredible solution for anyone looking for an insight into their life.

*We all are linked to the universe through this special and wonderful present of sight and visions. Tarot Cards Reading helps us to faucet into this gift.

*Tarot Cards are a series of superbly adorned and depicted certain images. Images that include the essence of an complete universe in them in the structure of cards.

*Tarot Cards helps you to get a clear viewpoint on all conditions that appear unsure, unclear, and uncomfortable to you.

*Tarot Cards can turn complex situations into a comprehensible and easy solution for you to understand.
What You’ll Learn
Unlock the secret to a crystal-clear Tarot reading
* Tarot Card, their origin, history, and introduction 
* How Tarot Works
* Major and Minor Arcana in detail
* Color symbolism in Tarot Cards. 
* Time period calculation by cards. 
* Major Arcana (23 Cards)- detail study 
* Pictorial representation, divinatory meanings, and effects in reading.
* Basic spreads and shuffling.
* Remedies – According to client situations. 
* Charging cards and removing negative energies.Increasing intuition and self-cleansing.
* Detailed spreads and shuffling.
* Case Studies. (15) Practical reading
* Certificate
* How do you figure out what each card means when you do a Tarot reading?
* Tarot Cards Attunement
* Tarot Cards  daily rituals 
* Seven Chakra Spread 
* And More 

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